Book Support:

would like to thank those who have given permission to publish their feedback of their experience reading CORINNA.


Paul Heywood-Smith, Lawyer: South Australia: ‘Robert, you ought to have a best seller here’.

Sabine: USA: ‘Robert, I found your book a very exciting read, which I found very hard to put down: it raises all sorts of questions about the police investigation and leaves me wondering if they were protecting somebody.’

Lorraine: South Australia: ‘I love a mystery: this book took me deep into that path: an unsolved crime full of mystery and uncertainty: a real page turner; I couldn’t put it down.’

Intrigued: South Australia: ‘Having read the book I am left suspecting that the crucial piece of evidence, could be found overseas, and if so, this crime might then be solved?’

A: South Australia: ‘This is a very concerning book; that reveals the distinct possibility a terrible crime has not received the diligent attention necessary to bring the culprit(s) to hand:  for Justice to prevail. It is quite horrifying; to realise that such values as we all tend to assume are a natural part of our societies function, could be so deficient: as it appears. My previous belief in our police force has been shattered. It is hoped that the efforts made in this book; will help restore my faith in our system of Justice’

Colin: South Australia: ‘Although I am a central figure in the book “CORINNA”  and a big part of the source material Robert has used in the story; I found the book a compelling read. It is accurate to the information I am aware of: it is sensitive to the circumstances, and most of all it reflects my absolute determination to reveal the person(s) who killed my work colleague and best friend at the time. Please take the time to consider what everybody, other than the murderer(s) of Corinna, are going through: even though much time has past since that terrible day. Thank you.’

Peter: South Australia: ‘Congratulations on your first book. It has been a long time in the making, but you had several important ‘things’ to do: CORINNA being one of them.

Your book CORINNA and the others to follow will highlight that there is something ‘JUST NOT RIGHT’ here in South Australia.

We South Australians think other Australians have the notion that we live in “THE CITY OF CHURCHES” : but, as it has been referred to me on many occasions: “Adelaide, the city of bizarre murders and sex crimes”.

Keep up the good work and you may open the eyes of many, and perhaps, just perhaps they will start asking questions too.’  

(AUTHOR: let us hope).