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BODY IN THE FREEZER — the case of David Szach — injustice


David Szach is sentenced to life for the murder of a prominent Adelaide lawyer.

At Szach’s trial, the Crown prosecutor says, ‘the objective scientific evidence means that he was dead by 6.30, and the accused was there.’ That compelling evidence contributes to the jury’s guilty verdict.

‘There are too many mysteries for a conclusive finding of guilt,’ says Szach’s defence lawyer… Include an execution-style murder; a procurer of young boys for the lawyer and others; a police culture that condones the targeting of homosexuals; a mysterious caller; and two of the notorious ‘Family’ killings soon after the lawyer’s murder… Was Szach set up for the murder?

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David Szach, a nineteen-year-old, suffers a terrible miscarriage of justice when in 1979 he is sentenced to life for the murder of lawyer Derrance Stevenson. After 14 years he is unexpectedly released. He straightaway sets about clearing his name, but, despite flawed forensic evidence presented by the forensic pathologist at his trial, there is no legal avenue to re-open his case. Then in 2013, forensic follies in South Australia involving the same pathologist come to light and spark law reform.

Body in the Freezer (257p.)

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